Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The outlook for Vista

Bad Vista activists from BostonI feel like these guys...
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Microsoft recently announced they are sunsetting XP as of 30 June. What is up with that? For quite some time now, people have been complaining about how bad Vista is. Anecdotally, I have to agree. The one machine we have purchased with it, we downgraded back to XP... just as others urged.

The list of things I don't like is long, but tops among them are its insistence on constantly asking me for permission to do mundane things. Oh, and its bloatedness, and unreliability (it managed to get itself reconfigured so we could not talk to the net at all, then eventually tore itself apart), which is not what we wanted in a machine that was for a non technical college student.

This OS isn't ready. It's not just me whining either. No amount of strong arming the manufacturers, threats to kill XP, or spin control can fix that.

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MessedRocker said...

Hold onto your Windows XP licenses for your dear life. That, or go with Linux or Mac OS X (which is not unlike Linux at all).