Saturday, June 14, 2008

New privacy policy?

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The board of the Wikimedia Foundation is going to vote fairly soon on a new privacy policy. A draft of it has been placed on meta for comment.

The board often moves slowly on matters like this, but not this time, so if you are interested, you may want to comment.

Note that the foundational principle of allowing anonymous editing remains.

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private musings said...

interesting post - I hadn't noticed this until popping back here, so thanks!

I also wonder if there's a bit of a follow up post on this topic in the light of some of the recent 'on-wiki' developments about outing, and retraction etc.

Surely it couldn't become a bannable offence on the english wikipedia if following an edit by you to your userpage, I were to add an innocuous 'ry' to your username? If not, why not....?

Thinking about dusting off the 'ol blogspot on this one myself (you may have more posts, but mine's older!)