Sunday, May 11, 2008

Yes Virginia, there realy is a (hospital in) Kalamazoo

Bronson Methodist Hospital, Kalamazoo. I created thisBronson campus, Kalamazoo
Image via Wikimedia Commons
West Michigan has a bit of a complex about Detroit, and the southeastern part of Michigan in general. There's a perception that "they" get "more than their fair share" of ... well, of everything. More revenue, more media attention, better roads, etc. More of everything, especially if it's provided by government. (There's a reason for that, it has to do with the relative longevity of southeast Michigan legislators in office, among other things).

Going along with that there is also a bit of "we're actually better than them" that goes on. You'll find it to be fairly pervasive, wherever in W MI you go, people will explain why that is... less reliance on the Auto industry, better government, better quality of life, and so forth (despite the fact that we don't have a good road S to Indiana :) )

We had occasion to visit Bronson Methodist Hospital, in Kalamazoo Michigan, this weekend. A fine facility and very competent at what they do. But I was rather amused to find that while we WMers all share a common chip on our shoulder about Detroit et al, that it turns out that Grand Rapids sometimes is the villain in these little set pieces.

See their spring magazine (a pdf). It's just a little puff piece about how generally wonderful the hospital is, and in amongst the other articles is one about a bariatric surgery candidate. Tucked in the copy was this little dig:

Balkema drove to Grand Rapids to meet with doctors to investigate his options and discuss bariatric surgery.

“I wasn’t thrilled with my experience there,” says Balkema.

So that shows that sometimes Detroit isn't the villain. Moral of the story? There isn't one. I just found it funny.

What about you? Do you have any local rivalries in your area that you find amusing?


Mackensen said...

Well, as a loyal resident of Kzoo, I can confirm the existence of some anti-Grand Rapids sentiment, but I think in this case it's more that GR's hospital is the only credible alternative to Bronson (and Borgess). No one would bother mentioning Battle Creek, for example.

When Kalamazoo wants to hate on (perceived) wealthy Republican jerks, it just yells at Portage ;).

Lar said...

I expect Battle Creek probably disses Kalamazoo and Hastings disses Battle Creek, and on down to Alaska dissing Charlotte or whatever. :)

As for when I need to hate on (perceived) wealthy Republican jerks, I have no farther to go than my own home town of Ada, which after all is where Dick DeVos grew up :)