Tuesday, May 20, 2008

From the "read the fine print" department

Chrysler NewportIf Chrysler still made this
maybe I'd buy it!
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In case anyone hasn't noticed, we in the US are now paying 4.00 USD or close to it per gallon for our gas... (yes, I know, the one European in my readership has been paying way more than that for years... we get it, we were lucky)

The US auto industry has been hit hard (and that means Michigan has been hit very hard) by this. Automakers are scrambling to compensate for the lost sales.

Seems Chrysler has come up with a gimmick to move some metal languishing on their dealer lots... 2.99 gas! The basic idea is that you buy a new car, they give you a passthrough credit card that you buy gas with, and they don't charge you more than 2.99 for it, up to a certain number of gallons per year, for 3 years.

Seems like a not too shabby gimmick, as far as gimmicks go. Until you read the fine print. This only counts for 87 octane gas. But Chrysler's own owners manuals suggest 89 for most vehicles and there are a few that require 91, no less. Chrysler will subsidise your gas, but only if you buy the kind that violates your warranty. If you want 89, that's 15 cents extra. If you want 91, it's 30 cents extra. Since the markup usually is 10 or 11 cents per grade step, that's a bit less of a deal.

No thanks. I think I'll stick with my 11 year old Stratus a bit longer.

(OK, two car posts in a row, what's up with that?)

Have you seen any silly gimmicks that make you scratch your head lately?

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