Friday, May 2, 2008

ArbCom Vacancy

Sculpture of Lady Justice on the Fountain of Justice (Gerechtigkeitsbrunnen) in Frankfurt, Germany.Wherefore "justice"?
(as if!) Image via
Wikimedia Commons
I think the little corner of the blogosphere that I (and presumably, many of my readers) hang out in has discussed the departure of Newyorkbrad from the English Wikipedia project, the events leading up to it, the events surrounding it, and so forth, quite a bit, so I'll skip the background.

But the departure leaves a hole in the English Wikipedia Arbitration Committee. Brad was widely regarded as a very good arbitrator.

So now what. As the picture says, wherefore justice? (recall please that I feel that Wikipedia is not a government or experiment in justice or social systems, and that arbcom is designed to solve things, not dispense justice)

Traditionally, Jimbo does sometimes appoint to fill vacancies.

And speculation about who he might or might not appoint is already running at a fever pitch. Some speculate that the next people in order from the 2007 election, Rebecca and Raul654, are the most likely appointees.

Well, while they might be the most likely, and while they might not be "bad" arbitrators (both have experience), I think a better idea is to make a radical pick, one that shows some new thinking.

So obviously, I'm stumping for Giano. (you saw that coming, right? grin!) He is 3rd on the list when sorted by percentage, but first, when sorted by number of supports received. (and he got a LOT!) My reasons given at the time
are just as valid as ever, in my view.

What do you think? Am I crazy? If so, tell me! Am I spot on? If so, tell Jimbo! :)


Mackensen said...

Traditionally the appointment goes to front-runners in the last election, or to an ex-arb with free time. Thankfully I haven't been asked, and I'd refuse if someone did ;).

Raul, Rebecca and Giano are all obvious candidates. I supported Giano in the last election, but we can't overlook the substantial opposition to his candidacy, and his somewhat bruising personal style, which is not to everyone's taste. He's also on pretty bad terms with a number of current and former arbitrators, which wouldn't bode well for the functioning of the committee.

I wouldn't be surprised if the appointment were combined with promoting one of the elected short-term arbs to a longer term.

Lar said...

Mac, you know you've been a good arbitrator before and would be a good one again. But after two turns in the barrel I suspect no one would blame you for demurring.

And given that NYB was put in the longest term, it makes sense to do some shuffling so that the newly appointed person gets the shorter term...

KTC said...

Can I go with one of Raul654, Rebecca, Manning Bartlett, Giano II, David Fuchs, Shell Kinney, MastCell? ;-)

MessedRocker said...

My offer still stands to be a 3rd party arbitration contractor.