Wednesday, April 2, 2008

My secret of Travel Success

O'Hare International Airport Terminal 1 - Concourse BORD... looks pretty doesn't it? Psych!
Image from Wikimedia Commons
OK, this is a bit of a ramble. Like the rest of my blog posts aren't? Grin.

Some of you know that I travel a lot. I work for IBM as a consultant (a Technical Architect, to be exact, which is a fancy title for being fairly senior, and knowing a little about a lot of products in our suite and being good with whiteboards and Microsoft Visio). My travels keep me on the road all week, unless I'm in a lull, or need a day to go to the dentist or whatever.

Some of you know I read John Scalzi's blog. He's pretty amusing for an SF writer (which is saying a lot because I find most SF writers very amusing... must be the geek in me. But I digress.), and if you haven't read "Old Man's War" you're in for a treat. Well, several posts in a row from him recently have been complaining about his travel woes. Seems he keeps getting delayed or stranded in Chicago.

Here's my secret of travel success, free of charge: Don't connect through Chicago. Avoid ORD at all costs. Simple really, but effective. ORD is the source of delays everywhere else, why would someone want to go to the source? It works pretty well for me. Don't believe that hype about it being the traveler's favourite airport 9 years in a row... that's just because so many travelers spend so much time in it, they had to spruce it up.

Secondary secret? Try not to connect through ATL either.

Hope that helps. See you out there! (and stop kicking the back of my seat!)

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