Sunday, April 13, 2008

FSM and gumption

Logo of the Flying Spaghetti Monster on a car bumper in Tallahassee, Florida.FSM car thingie.
Image from Commons

So I got a Flying Spaghetti Monster thingie to stick on the back of one of our vehicles. Amazon has them but I am sure they are elsewhere as well.

But I don't have the guts to actually put it on. Grand Rapids, as you may know, is a big time part of the Bible Belt... and I'm not sure how well received such, um... blasphemy would be received.

We got a hard time for having a "No W" sticker (a W with a line through it, which of course shows that we are not the biggest fans of our dearly beloved George W. Bush...) on the back of our car a few years ago, and nothing has changed since.

No WNo W!
Image from Commons
Still, it does seem a good way to show where our beliefs lie. I'll have to find the gumption to actually get it on there sometime soon.

Do you have any beliefs you're not quite willing to share with the world by displaying them on the back of your car?


private musings said...

Well I can get a bit embarrassed telling friends and colleagues how involved I am over at wikipedia from time to time... does that count! :-)

Lar said...

Only if you see Wikipedia as a religion or belief system :) Otherwise it's just an obsession (see xkcd and obsession )... you're not obsessed are you? :)