Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Danny Wool's post about a Volunteer Council reminded me of the proposed Wikicouncil. I'm not sure whether these are the same thing or different ideas, but the idea of a Wikicouncil leaves me kind of confused as to what problem it is actually trying to solve. I'm not sure a new layer of governance without a clear mission is a good idea, we may have enough of those already.

That idea has been kicking around apparently since 2005 and still seems not quite fully formed.

What do you think?

(edit: Wikicouncil is indeed what is being referred to, see this mail from Effeiet Sanders, thanks to Danny for linking this up for me... my view hasn't changed, I am not sure this is a good idea, see this talk page to discuss pros and cons... )


private musings said...

it's not immediately clear to me from Danny's post who is proposing this and where - but on first impression, I think I largely agree with him, that this is another step towards the 'Brazilopedia' of the future. - a tip of the hat to the future wiki admin, Sam Lowry.....

All's Wool that Ends Wool said...

I have just added a link to explain what I was talking about. It seems to me that the important question is not what the council is empowered to do, but what cool new titles its members get.

pfctdayelise said...

Are you not following foundation-l? (Not that I'd blame you...) A number of open unresolved problems were suggested there that may be the work of a wikicouncil to solve. There are lots of community demands for WMF to act where so far it has mostly resisted acting. Maybe a wikicouncil is the right body to act (or at least recommend some action).

ps. yay blog!