Saturday, March 22, 2008

Throwing myself to the wolves?

Some time ago Giano opined that any Wikipedia administrator worth listening to should have at least one Featured Article (FA ... "Wikipedia's Best Work" ) under his or her belt, if not actually produce one per year. That suggestion was not met with universal acclaim. :) But there's some merit to it, nonetheless... or at least to the notion that everyone seeking any extra permissions, should have at least some experience with actually writing the encyclopedia.

While I have written some 25+ DYKs 3 of which are Good Articles, I don't yet have a Featured Article to my credit, and I've been maneuvering to get one to the state where it might be a candidate for some time.

So, armed with a lot of help, including the sage advice given here, I've launched a Featured Article Candidacy for SS Christopher Columbus, which is of all the articles I've written, perhaps my all time favorite. There are those that deride the FA process as overly "fussy" or bureaucratic, but I am not sure that's so... so far the suggestions I've gotten have almost all been actionable and were, for the most part, things I'd missed that really did need sorting. Extra eyes do wonders at spotting things needing fixing.

We shall see how it goes. I'm hoping for smooth sailing. Wish me luck!


Sage said...

Good luck! I've found FA candidacy to be some of the most enjoyable (if challenging) editing on Wikipedia, especially if you get some substantive reviews that give solid suggestions for improvement.

Lar said...

So far, so good... some of the advice is a bit contradictory (or at least goes off in different directions. :)

Congrats on your Commons adminship, by the way. Don't forget to vote on the suffrage question!

Alex said...

Mate, the reason you're finding it difficult (which is part of the fun!) is because you're using Giano's guide. Nothing against the great man, but seriously, this is much more informative! :D


Lar said...

Giggy, it certainly is more "informative" :)