Sunday, March 9, 2008


So... in what has to be an interesting twist, PrivateMusings, fresh off a 90 day ArbCom sanction, has started a podcast. In his first two shows he managed to have some very interesting guests. He's after me to participate. dangling that I'd be a guest with Michael Snow, who you may know was recently appointed to the expanded Wikimedia Foundation board. I'm not sure I run with that crowd, or if I have anything to say, really.

So what do you think? Should I? And if so, what would you want to hear me talk about? Let me know.

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private musings said...

I've heard that skypecast thing is absolutely amazing! Full of insight, and erudite analysis of important issues....

Michael's indicated that he's not going to be available immediately, and wants a bit more time to take a look, and solve some technical issues his end (you can see his comments at my talk page)..... but I am hopeful of continuing to have some interesting people come to the table..... but then you'd know that! - you're one of them!