Tuesday, March 25, 2008

More whining about images

Remember the other day when I was telling you about my old pictures? So I uploaded a bunch of them. In particular I found some loco photos. No, not crazy people, locomotives...

Turns out I had some good pics (or at least detailed pics) of the locos that Union Pacific had on display in Omaha, Nebraska, their DDA40X, 6900, and their 4-8-8-4 Big Boy 4023.

So I uploaded some. See? Well I am fairly... um... fussy, about getting them described just so. Including giving good names, which actually is pretty important. See the problem yet? Well, because I am also lazy, I start uploading by doing one pic, then backspace to get to the same upload form to reuse most of the stuff I entered, just changing the shot description. Soo.... because I was reusing the 6900 images upload form, my Big Boy images are all named "UP BigBoy 6023.......jpg" ... I remembered to change (in 6900) the 9 to a 0, and the 00 to a 23 but I forgot to change the 6 to a 4!...


So now I have to rename all those Big Boy images (every single one has the wrong number), or suffer my sense of order being off.

But renaming images in MediaWiki isn't easy, yet. (maybe someday, there are bugs in the bug tracker about it, in fact bug 709 is one of the oldest bugs extant, we are well over 10,000 now and it has ... 66!!! comments... wow. But I digress.)... to rename, you have to upload a new version and then delete (or tag for deletion) the old image. That's a pain. Probably someone has a bot but I forget.

What to do? Find someone with a bot? do it myself by hand, just say to heck with it? What would YOU do?

Update: (3/30/08) I fixed them by hand. Supposedly someone's working on a bot to do it.


I said...

I'd give up. Then ask a bot operator. (Btw, no anonymous comments? :\)

Lar said...

Maybe I will ask a bot operator. :)

Correct, no anonymous comments. if I could set it so that only visible profiles could comment, I probably would. Yours isn't visible, whoever you are, so your ID might as well be an anonymous one.. Is that the topic for a blog post? :)

There are other blogs that allow anonymous comments but I prefer accountability.