Friday, March 7, 2008

Mantanmoreland: So it has come to this?

The talk page for the Mantamoreland arbitration case proposed decision has reached 265K. (To be fair, a not inconsiderable amount of that text is from me, but I think FT2 and NewYork While this is not a record, it's a lot.

As I said there, we may be approaching a decision by exhaustion. The community and ArbCom appear to be at least in part at cross purposes. (That this case has high focus on Wikipedia Review probably does not help matters)

Given that as of this writing, no new arbitrators have voted in several days, it may be time to push arbcom to get to closure... any closure, if only so that the community can move on, and moreover, that the community can impose the remedies that ArbCom chose not to.

ArbCom is supposed to be the dispute resolution place of last resort but that seems to not always be the case, at least lately. The ArbCom acted to desysop ArchTransit, (full disclosure, I was the steward that did it) but that wasn't the end of the matter, the community subsequently banned ArchTransit. That is likely to be the case here as well. (and admins who think they can stand in the way of a community ban, like Canute1 trying to stop the tide, might think again)

Is that a good thing? Or bad? Ultimately ArbCom serves at the pleasure of the community, and further, counts on the community itself (via the admins) to carry out the enforcement of remedies. If ArbCom gets in the habit of remanding things back, that's not bad as long as the problems spiral down to solution instead of spiraling outward and getting bigger.


1 - Note that actually Canute was proving to his courtiers that something could NOT be done, by showing that the tide would come regardless of his wishes. This is a good reminder to admins who might think they are all powerful... they are not.

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