Wednesday, March 19, 2008


When I started this blog I had set myself a goal of doing a post every day. Well guess what, I blew that little self imposed deadline... yesterday went by and I didn't do a post. (too much other drama I guess)

What's that, you say: "I can see darn well that there was one yesterday, Wednesday March 19th... just look at the date"... er wait, that's this post isn't it? Yep!

Blogger lets you cheat. On the post options screen, you can set the post date and time to any value you like. So I did. I backdated this post to yesterday. It means I'm still behind for today, but the day is young yet, I may catch up.

So do you hate me for cheating? Hate me for revealing the secret? Think I'm lame that I did a meta post and it still counts against my average? Or not care a whit?

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