Friday, March 14, 2008

ArbCom confusion?

This request for clarification of a recent request by Everyking for changes in his remedies makes interesting reading... but only if you're sober!

If it seems very tangled, that's because it is. (Thatcher is usually pretty good at sorting things out but even he pointed out the contradiction of two motions that conflicted... ) But one good thing is that apparently some clarification on what to do in the case of conflicting motions will result.

Being an arbitrator is not easy. And there is definitely a tension there. On one hand it is good to avoid making the process and procedures too rigorous, too much like a court. But on the other hand, some structure is unavoidable if you want to avoid confusion. This is likely to see more discussion, see this possible Request for Comment.

Note to self: NEVER stand for ArbCom. It's too much like work. If anyone thinks I'm criticising ArbCom as a concept, or ArbCom members specifically, they would be reading this wrong.


MessedRocker said...

You are criticising ArbCom as a concept, as well as arbitrators themselves!

Lar said...

Well, I don't think it's so much a criticism as a caution...